Schuylkill County Municipal Authority


“To Serve Our Schuylkill County Customers with the Best Quality Drinking Water
and to Provide the Most Reliable Wastewater Treatment Services.”

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The Schuylkill County Municipal Authority, formerly known as the Pottsville Water Company, is the largest drinking water purveyor and sanitary sewer service provider in Schuylkill County. The Authority was formed in 1961 after the purchase of the former Pottsville Water Company and currently serves over 30,000 customers in 26 municipalities. Since 1834, SCMA has provided clean, safe drinking water and reliable sanitary sewer treatment services to its valued customers.

The Authority currently provides drinking water service that meets or exceeds all federal and state regulations with 8 water treatment facilities, 7 surface water reservoirs, 12 deep wells, 14 water pumping stations, 15 water storage tanks, 11 pressure regulating valves, and over 200 miles of transmission and distribution mains. Over 5.3 million gallons of water are treated and purveyed daily to the residents of Schuylkill County.

Sanitary sewer service is provided through SCMA’s 7 wastewater treatment plants, 30 wastewater pumping stations, and over 110 miles of collection and interceptor lines. Over 1.5 million gallons of sewage are treated daily by the Authority.

In concert with our core values of Customer, Co-worker/Team, Community and Conservation, the SCMA staff is committed to providing quality drinking water and sanitary sewer services while serving as stewards of the environment.

Drinking Water Service

Broad Mountain WPT, Indian Run WTP, Tremont WTP, Pinebrook WTP, Gordon Wall WTP, Pine Grove TW WTP, Morea Well WTP

Sanitary Sewer Service

Gordon WWTP, Tremont WWTP, Tremont WWTP, Branch-Cass WWTP, Deer Lake WWTP, Butler WWTP, Seiders Hill WWTP, Mahanoy Business Park WWTP


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