Sanitary Sewer Service

Over 2.5 Million gallons of sanitary sewage is biologically, physically and chemically treated daily at the SCMA Wastewater Treatment Facilities. The Authority provides collection, conveyance and treatment services for sanitary sewage generated in 11 municipalities.

Gordon Wastewater Treatment Facility Tremont Wastewater Treatment Facility
Gordon Wastewater Treatment
Facility: 0.6 MGD Sequencing
Batch Reactor Process
Tremont Wastewater Treatment
Facility: 0.50 MGD Modified
Ludzak-Ettinger (MLE) Process
Branch-Cass Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility Deer Lake Wastewater Treatment Facility
Branch-Cass Regional Wastewater
Treatment Facility: 0.5 Sequencing
Batch Reactor Process
Deer Lake Wastewater
Treatment Facility: 0.23 MGD
Oxidation Ditch Process


Wastewater is transferred through 16 wastewater pumping stations and over 100 miles of collection and force main pipe prior to final disposal at the treatment facilities.

Main Pump Station     SHBP Station     Tremont-Maple St. Pump Station