SCMA Awarded Grant and Loan for replacementof Lead Service Lines and Water mains in City of Pottsville
In 2023, SCMA was awarded a $5.24 million dollar grant, and offered a $3.44 million dollar low-interest loan service lines and watermains on portions of West Race Street, West Pierce Street, and Fairview Street in City of Pottsville

Following a meeting of the Commonwealth Drought Task Force today, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is maintaining a statewide drought watch. While not required, residents and non-farm businesses are encouraged to voluntarily conserve water by reducing their nonessential water use.
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The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has issued a drought watch for Schuylkill County. SCMA is asking ALL customers to conserve water by reducing individual water use by 3-6 gallons a day.
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That’s a wrap on #DrinkingWaterWeek! Thank you for celebrating with us, and we hope you join us for next year’s celebration!

Drinking Water Week 2023 

We’re celebrating #DrinkingWaterWeek by inviting you to learn about the how truly vital clean, safe water is in daily life and its role in protecting public health and the environment now and in the future.

Drinking Water Week 2023

It’s our job to make sure we’re delivering you safe, clean water at an affordable cost. For this year’s #DrinkingWaterWeek, we invite you to learn more about the hard work we do.

Drinking Water Week 2023

This year for #DrinkingWaterWeek, we are encouraging our community to learn more about climate response and #WaterResilience.

Drinking Water Week 2023

It’s officially #DrinkingWaterWeek! We invite both water professionals and our community to celebrate by honoring the vital role water plays in our daily lives.

It is with extreme sadness and grief that we announce the tragic loss of SCMA employee, Jeremy Smith.  Jeremy was a 17-year veteran employee with SCMA’s Meter Department.  Jeremy was involved in a fatal accident while working at a job site.  Our entire Company mourns Jeremy’s passing.  During this most unfortunate time, SCMA respectfully requests privacy for Jeremy’s wife, son and extended family and appreciates everyone’s thoughts and prayers for the Smith family.


The SCMA Offices will be closed on Friday, April 28, 2023.  If there are any emergencies, please call our answering service at 570-622-8240.  Emergency crews will be dispatched accordingly based upon the nature of the situation.


We defer any questions regarding the incident to the Pottsville Police Department, who are handling the accident investigation.

Infrastructure Investment

SCMA is proud to announce that we have received a $5.42 million grant and $3.44 million loan offer from the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PENNVEST) to replace lead water service lines and watermains on sections of West Race, West Railroad, North Centre, Pierce and Fairview Streets in the City of Pottsville.  The Authority is committed to continued investments into our existing systems to provide reliable, sustainable service to our valued customers.