Prevent Frozen Pipes

Temperatures are forecast to remain below freezing for the next several days prompting concern about frozen pipes.  As the property owner, you are responsible for the protection of your property’s pipes and meters and for any damage to them.  Please note that we do not thaw frozen water lines.  Customers experiencing issues with frozen lines should contact a certified plumber. Here are some tips that will help you protect yourself from costly plumbing repairs:

  • Insulate pipes. Be sure to insulate pipes in any unheated areas of your home. One way to insulate your pipes is using heat tape or pipe insulation. These items can be purchased at a local home improvement store.
  • Protect your meter. If you have an outdoor meter pit, make sure the lid is not broken or missing. Pack the pit with insulating material, or even an old blanket.
  • Eliminate drafts. Close off crawlspace vents and doors. Repair broken or cracked basement windows. Make sure basement doors and windows close tightly. Repair any broken or cracked basement windows
  • Leave a very thin stream of water running constantly from at least one tap. We recommend using the tap farthest from the meter. The additional expense in your water bill will be minimal compared to the cost to replace a ruptured pipe.
  • Open cabinet doors below all sinks to allow the warmth from inside your house to reach your pipes.

For more information about this public notice, please contact our office at 570-622-8240.  Thank you for your patience.