SCMA receives Grant in the amount of $200,000 for the Altamont Boulevard Waterline Replacement Project

SCMA was awarded a grant in the amount of $200,000 for the Altamont Boulevard Waterline Replacement Project.  The project was identified as a priority because the existing Altamont Boulevard waterline has significantly deteriorated due to aggressive soil and groundwater conditions resulting in at least eight (8) main breaks and service interruptions to the SCI-Frackville facility over the past four (4) years.  SCMA evaluated the overall regional concept and decided to upgrade this line from a 10” to a 12” and ultimately provide another transmission line to the eastern district of the SCMA-Mount Laurel Subsystem, which includes SCI-Mahanoy, residents of New Boston, Village of Vulcan and the Mahanoy Business Park’s existing (Fabcon, Corsicana Bedding, MainStay Suites) and future commercial/industrial customers.  This grant program, created to fund small water and sewer infrastructure projects, is very completive, where only 146 applicants received partial funding for their projects. There were over 600 applications submitted to DCED for funding under the Small Water and Sewer Program.  “The Authority is humbled and graciously accepts the funding assistance for this very important project.  It directly affects the expansion of our water supply service area and provides sustainability to existing and future industrial and commercial customers that are critical to job retention, creation and overall economic development of the area.  This project will eliminate current problems with the existing waterline and roadway and provide a safe, viable water supply and vehicular access in an area that is critical to the growth of the economic development of the region.”, said SCMA Executive Director Patrick M. Caulfield, P.E.  “We would like to thank Senator Argall, Representative Goodman, Schuylkill  County Commissioners and the West Mahanoy Township Supervisors for their support and partnerships on the project”.